Sunwapta Stages 5 & 6, Sunwapta Costco

Onsite and offsite deep underground utilities.

Project Length

May 2019 – August 2019


Select Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Project Type

Commercial Site Servicing

Contract Value

$1.18 million

Project Details & Specifications

  • Edmonton’s first Costco Business Center
  • Pipe diameters up to 1200mm
  • Pipe installed up to 8m deep
  • Largest pre-manufactured precast concrete mechanical stormwater treatment unit
  • Two trenchless pipeline crossings
  • Stormwater management facility
  • Stormwater control structure

Eng-Con installed the onsite and offsite deep underground utilities for the for Sunwapta Costco Business Center located in the west end of Edmonton. The project included several unique challenges. A new stormwater management facility was constructed in some very adverse ground conditions with high groundwater and soil “piping” occurring. The largest available pre-manufactured precast concrete mechanical stormwater treatment was installed in a previously developed area.


The pipe sizes installed ranged from small diameter 100mm service pipes up to large diameter 1200mm storm trunk sewer lines 8m deep.


The City of Edmonton’s ESC program, through Select Engineering, was implemented and effectively followed throughout.


Despite the numerous challenges of the project it was completed on time and on budget.