Town of Legal

Sanitary Sewer Trunk Replacement

Project Length

May – September 2016


AECOM Canada Ltd.

Project Type


Contract Value

$2.1 million

Project Details & Specifications

  • 1.7 kilometers of sanitary sewer main
  • Pipe installed up to 8 meters
  • Two trenchless installations across existing pipeline rights-of-way
  • Work within the vicinity of the schools done during summer break
  • 375mm sanitary PVC pipe
  • Elevated creek crossing

EngCon was the General Contractor for the Town of Legal Sanitary Sewer Trunk Replacement which consisted of 1.7 km of gravity sewer main, two trenchless crossings of pipelines with the installation of steel liner casing, an elevated creek crossing and desludging and connection to the existing lagoon. The project consists of deep underground sanitary trunk construction. The pipe size was 375mm sanitary PVC pipe. The depth ranges of the installations range from 0m to 9m below finished grade.


Construction began in May of 2016 and continued until August 2016. Guidelines for completion dates were given and followed by EngCon to ensure installation in a safe, timely matter. Work completed within the Highway and 49 Avenue was completed by July 15, 2015. Work within the vicinity of the surrounding schools was completed during the summer break — July and August.