Westwinds — Town of Morinville

Selected underground utilities contractor for the Westwinds Subdivision.

Project Length




Project Type

Land Development

Contract Value

$3.2 million

Project Details & Specifications

  • Pipe diameters up to 900mm
  • Pipe installed up to 10 meters deep
  • Sanitary and storm lift stations
  • Stormwater management facility
  • 1.0kms of 300mm dia. HDPE Forcemain by open cut and directional drilling
  • Commercial, institutional and residential lots

Eng-Con is the selected underground utilities contractor for the Westwinds Subdivision located in the Town of Morinville. EngCon has been working there from the project’s inception and is currently still active in the area. Westwinds is a land development project which includes the construction of residential lots, commercial sites, a school site, sewer lift stations and a stormwater management facility.


The pipe sizes we have installed range from small diameter 25mm service pipes up to large diameter 900mm storm sewer lines. These pipes have been installed up to 10m deep.


The Westwinds area now includes occupied commercial properties and a school, which are sensitive to new construction. When working in these occupied areas, EngCon continues to adhere to local by-laws and is understanding and considerate to all.